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Instructions for a bad day

I need a hug. But this poem helps a bit too, though not in the same way.



Twice a year…

…that’s about how often I update this thing, apparently. I’ll never become a writer, that’s for sure!

A lot of things have happened since I last wrote. Let’s try to take them in the order they happened:

1. Masaki and I finally moved to an apartment of our own! We’ve been living in the city of Gävle, in an area called Brynäs, since February 1st. It’s a nice 3-room apartment, so we have a bedroom, a study for Masaki (with a small balcony) and a big living room with a huge couch! And of course a nice kitchen with the ugliest wallpaper ever! Seriously, who puts up a black wallpaper with silver skulls in the kitchen??? It’s doing down, as soon as I can find a nice wallpaper to replace it with – it’ll be my mission for my vacation!



The ugliest wallpaper ever.


2. We bought a dog! On April 6h, I was sitting down in the living room, checking out ads for dogs on blocket.se, and saw an ad for a 3.5 year old rottweiler-border collie mix named Kim. She was adorable! Masaki and I always wanted a dog, so we went and had a look at her the same day and…we just clicked! We brought her home that same day and she’s been with us since then. She’s our baby, and she’s crazy about us. The poor thing has had 4 owners so far, the previous ones have sold her for various reasons, like not having time for her, having another dog that didn’t like her, not wanting to train her so she doesn’t pull so much when she sees other dogs etc. That last thing is the only bad thing about her – when he’s on a leash and sees another dog, she starts pulling and barking, wanting to go and play, desperately. But we’ve been training her, so she’s gotten a lot better, but there’s still a long way to go. We’d appreciate any advice you might have as on how to train her to stop doing that!



Our cutie Kim ❤


3. Masaki started studying at SFI (Swedish For Immigrants) here in Gävle in March and now in June he got to start another sort of “school” that keeps him busy between 8-16 (SFI is only between 8-12), AND he gets some money for it too! He’s not thrilled about the school, since it seems really sucky. It’s through “Lernia” a sort of company that has these kinds of courses for foreigners and Swedes without jobs, just to keep them busy, but where they actually don’t really learn much. He gets to practice his writing- and reading-skills a lot but they don’t have time to teach him to speak or listen to Swedish…good job there Lernia, good job… At least he has something to do, and we get some extra money that we really need!

4. Our Kim got attacked by a big-ass great dane/berger blanc suisse-mix on May 25th. We were in a dog-park near our house (it’s awesome, big as a football-field!), playing with Kim, when a couple with an amstaff came and asked us if they could let their dog in. Since Kim is an incredibly nice dog who just wants to play with everyone, we said they sure, she’d love to get a playmate! But before they could let their dog in, another couple, the Dzanko couple, in their 50s came in with their dog, Vilma and asked the same thing. We let the dogs sniff at each other with the leashes on, and since it seemed to go well, we let them go. As soon as Kim made a step as if to start running, Vilma jumped at her and bit her viciously, several times! Kim, frightened and in pain, screamed so heart-breakingly and started running (to the other side, stupid dog…) and Vilma chased her, and we all chesed them. Thanks to the amstaff, Dino, who ran between them, we managed to get hold of Kim and take her outside. Vilma had bitten her so many times, all while Kim was fleeing for her life and screaming in pain. We couldn’t see any bit-marks at first, since Kim’s fur is black and thick, so we thought that it was all ok. But when we got home and saw blood on the floor…and found 2 huge bit-marks on her bum, then on the head and on the side… I jumped on my bike and went to the park again, to see if the Dzanko couple were still there, but no. Back home, I called a vet (on a Sunday!) who told me I could wait until the next day. Since we didn’t have a car to take her anywhere, that’s what we had to do… So on Monday, I had to take time off work to go to the emergency-appointment we got at the vet (luckily my dad could drive us), where they put two stitches on one of the bit-marks and cleaned the others. Only 4 bit-marks found at the time, but later on we found about 10 in total… Thanks to Facebook, I got hld of the Dzanko couple. The woman, a Swede, was devastated, told me that of course they’d pay for the vet etc, but when they found out that it all cost 1967 Swedish crowns, she told me that “my husband has decided that we’ll only pay half of it. I can’t argue with him, he’s impossible. I guess it’s the Bosnian temper hahaha”. What the hell does the Bosnian temper have to do with that According to SWEDISH LAW, if dog A bites dog B, then the owners of dog A HAS TO PAY for the vet, medicine and all other costs! So now, I’ve had to sue them… Fun times…not….

Kim sår rumpa 1 efter vet

My poor baby’s bum after going to the vet.

5. My parents bought us a car! Seriously, how spoiled am I??? Ok, it’s not a new car and my parents are far from rich, but they thought we needed one (which we did) and since we couldn’t afford one, they got a cheap, nice one for us. They tricked us into coming to Hofors (their house) one Friday after work. Since dad works here in Gävle, he waited for me to finish work, then we packed ourselves, Kim and our backpacks in to the car and drove off. Dad said he needed help to move a big bench in the garage, to make more room, but when we got there, and he opened the garage, there was this tiny Renault Clio standing there. My dad acted all forgetful, saying “oh, right, that one was standing there. Here, take the keys and bring it outside.”. When I had done so, my mom told me “Now clean it and bring it back home to Gävle.” Have I ever said that I have the best parents ever?



Our tiny car!

6. All my friends are getting pregnant. Seriously. My friend Maria, whom I’ve known since I was 6 years old and she was 4, and grew up just 2 houses away from each other got a cute little daughter last night. I’m of course really happy for her and her boyfriend, but at the same time I feel so left behind. My friend Åsa, who grew up in the house next door, is a few years older than me and got a son a few years ago and is now expecting her second baby. My friend Lisa, who grew up a few houses down the street told me the other day that she’s pregnant. Basically, everyone I know is getting married, pregnant, or both. And me? I got a dog.

Of course I’d love to have children some day, so it feels extra hard when my younger friends get children before I do. It feels as if I’ll never be able to have children since it’s an impossibility as long as Masaki doesn’t have a job, which he won’t get until he speaks Swedish and he won’t learn to speak at the school he’s at now and he refuses to speak Swedish with me…so by the time he learns Swedish and gets a job, I’ll be like 50 and it’s be WAY to late for children. So yes, I’m happy for my friends, but at the same time very bitter and sad. And there’s nothing I can do about it… I’ll just have to accept the fact that I’ll never, ever become a mother and have children of my own…

For a good cause

Yes, yes, I know it’s been ages since I wrote, buuut I don’t quite have time to write much now and I only updated this to share my friend Nicole’s project at work:



Nicole is working as an English teacher in Georgia, through the US Peacecorps, if I haven’t completely misunderstood it all. They’re in big need of fixing up their school and giving their students new material, so please, please donate whatever you can! Even 1$ is a lot of money for them! I donated 45$, which is slightly under 300SEK.

I’ll write more eventually, for the moment I’m too exhausted by work and sick of sitting in front of a computer, since I sit in front of one all day long at work… Though I can tell you guys this much; Masaki and I are finally moving to our own apartment in Gävle as from February 1st!!!!!!

Oh, and I’ve tried to share that link though Facebook TWICE already, and even tagged my boyfriend in it so he would see it, and do you know what? He can’t see the posts at all!!!!!! WTF!?!?!?!?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING FACEBOOK!?!?? Does this mean that of all the things I post, most doesn’t show up? If someone tags me somewhere, I don’t see it, or what? WHAT THE HELL FACEBOOK!?!!!??

Job job job…and Swedish lessons!

The same day that I started my new job, Masaki started studying Swedish, so now we’re both busy. He studies here in the village though, and finishes really early every day (he even has Thursday afternoons and all Friday off!), so we only meet up in the evening, since I have to get up at 5.30 and don’t get back home until after 18h… So far, my job has been only studies and introductions and more studies – there’s just sooo much to take in, that I feel that my head will blow up any minute soon! Will I ever learn all that stuff? It seems impossible, but there’s hundreds of older colleagues there, who are doing it, so if they can…then surely I can too?

As soon as I get home, it’s time for dinner, and after that I usually help out Masaki with his Swedish studies, recording words and sentences for him, correcting stuff et.c. He’s being very studious, but it’s hard for him. Japanese people are usually really bad at learning new languages, not because they’re not interested or so, but because the Japanese pronunciation is so incredibly easy, that it makes it hard for them to learn how to use their whole mouth when pronouncing words in other languages. I guess we can sort of compare it to trying to learn that French rrrrrolling “R”, you know, far back in your throat? Some people just never learn it… But I’m sure he’ll do great, he’s got a great advantage compared to his refugee classmates; he’s living with a Swedish family! Once his classmates, who are to 99% refugees from various countries, like Somalia, Afghanistan, Egypt et.c., come home, they only speak their own language, and at school, they can speak in their own language with each other. Masaki, on the other hand, is the only Japanese in the village, and when he gets home, he has to speak Swedish or English with my parents, and he has no opportunity to use Japanese until after 18h.

By the way, I forgot to mention that we’ve been in the local newspaper! It’s in Swedish though, but you can read it here: http://arbetarbladet.se/nyheter/hofors/1.6391955-gav-upp-allt-for-karlek

Basically, they write about how Masaki gave up everything for love, as even his family has said that if he moves here, he can never come back to them et.c. Because of this article, a big Swedish ladies’ magazine, Hemmets Journal, wants to do a really long interview with us at the end of this month! Wow… That’ll be interesting…and sort of scary…

Anyway, we’re doing good, both of us. Sure, it’s hard living here with my parents, but for Masaki’s sake it’s better to stay here for a while, since he gets to learn Swedish faster and better this way. But we’re still hoping that I’ll be offered a full-time position at my job soon, so that we can move within a few months. Until then, we can just wait and hope…

He’s finally here!

It’s been a little over 2 weeks since my Masaki finally moved here to Sweden, and it’s wonderful being together again. Though we don’t really have much to do here at my parents’ home… It doesn’t matter really, on November 4th I start my new job and Masaki will start his Swedish-classes here in the village, so we’ll get busy. So far, we’ve only been enjoying each other’s company, bought a new, big bed for us (my old room suddenly got really, really small and narrow!), tried to figure out where the heck to out all our stuff (mostly in big moving-boxes in the guest room or under our bed, since the closets are already full of our clothes etc.) and tried to study some Swedish together. He borrowed some books at the library, Swedish childrens’ books, that he’s struggling with, but he’ll get there eventually. For the moment, I’m trying to use the Swedish that I know he knows, like “Vill du ha ~?” (“Do you want ~?”) etc.

Besides finally being together, fixing all the practical stuff around Masaki’s move to Sweden (registering, getting his Swedish personal number (like a social security number), his ID-card etc.), we’ve been going to the local gym and pool, talking walks in the lovely autumn-weather and trying to figure out our life here. More updates will come eventually! Until then, enjoy these lovely photos that I’ve taken lately!


To the airport!

I’m going to the airport in about 1.5 hours! Wish me luck!



At this time tomorrow, Masaki and I will be together at the hotel near the airport!